Go the Vixens! Another great win, and shooting up the ladder into third. Magpies carried in a strong home ground advantage according to the model, but could get it done against the Fever, who keep clear at the top of the ladder. No surprises that the poor ol Thunderbirds copped a hiding again.


If you missed my round 9 predictions, here they are.

Home Away Chance of home team winning Home Score Away Score Winner
NSW Swifts Melbourne Vixens 37% 290 325 Melbourne Vixens
Magpies Netball West Coast Fever 63% 285 350 West Coast Fever
Sunshine Coast Lightning Queensland Firebirds 50% 290 285 Sunshine Coast Lightning
GIANTS Netball Adelaide Thunderbirds 95% 315 220 GIANTS Netball

Team Abilities

The Fever’s ability (via the model) keeps dropping, and they keep winning! Clearly my model just can’t handle the Fever! After an uptick after round 8, the Thunderbirds have dropped back down in ability once again.


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