Go the Vixens! Cracking win last week which sees their ability strengthen (see below), whilst the Fever continue their downwards trajectory in terms of predicted ability. Thunderbirds stuck to their bottom-dwelling, lets hope they change something up, as they don’t really add a lot to the competition at the moment.

Mid-season Stocktake

Now we’re halfway through the season, and I thought I’d take a quick look at how the new points scoring is panning out. The ladder below shows the current points based on the new system: four points for a win plus one point for each quarter won, along with the old system (two points for a win). Also shown is the ladder position as it would have been based off the old points system.

Team New Points Bonus Points Percentage Old Points Old Position
West Coast Fever 36 16 1.04 10 2
GIANTS Netball 34 14 1.09 10 1
Queensland Firebirds 32 16 1.09 8 4
NSW Swifts 32 12 1.02 10 3
Melbourne Vixens 30 14 1.05 8 5
Sunshine Coast Lightning 30 18 1.02 6 6
Magpies Netball 24 16 1.00 4 7
Adelaide Thunderbirds 2 2 0.75 0 8

Importantly, you can see that halfway through the season, the top four teams are as they would be under the old system. Even more importantly, the top two are the same. The only difference is that under the old system, the Giants would have been in first—naturally this is an advantage, but only a slight one.

I think at this stage of the system, it is safe to say that the new scoring system has not been a failure—as predicted by some vocal commentators and former players. Of course, we need top wait for the end of the season to see how it all pans out, but I’m happy at the moment.


If you missed my round 7 predictions, here they are.

Home Away Chance of home team winning Home Score Away Score Winner
Melbourne Vixens West Coast Fever 40% 74 60 Melbourne Vixens
Adelaide Thunderbirds Queensland Firebirds 18% 42 66 Queensland Firebirds
GIANTS Netball Magpies Netball 72% 63 60 GIANTS Netball
NSW Swifts Sunshine Coast Lightning 32% 59 56 NSW Swifts

Team Abilities

Keep an eye out on the Fever; I think that we’re going to see a big from the top of the ladder…


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